The following offers a brief summary of INSTITUTE services:


The Envizioneering ™ Overview Presentation

The Envizioneering ™ Overview Presentation is a 1.5-hour session that provides a working understanding of the Envizioneering philosophy, its process, and its 10 Community Readiness Principles. Envizioneering™ is a process to enact creative community transformation. Its “Imagineering” for communities. It is collaborative community development coupled with creative organizational dynamics—and a dash of entrepreneurial vigor; it’s mindful leadership, steeped in creativity and anchored in service.

The Institute Community Readiness Workshop

The Institute Community Readiness Workshop is an interactive half-day session that can be held at our facility or yours. It provides context and a framework for understanding creative community change and the elements essential to creative community transformation embedded in the 10 Community Readiness Principles that serve as both a rubric assessment tool and guidelines for an action-oriented strategic planning process.

Creative Transformation Feasibility Study

Creative Transformation Feasibility Study is a direct engagement that kick-starts the process of facilitating creative community transformation. As part of this fact-finding process, the team meets with city officials, local creatives, the business community, and other stakeholders to help the community begin to crystallize its vision for the future and start the “buzz” associated with creative change.  The Feasibility Study includes 1) pre-visit planning, phone calls, and emails to discuss stakeholder lists, invitations, and scheduling; 2) a two-day visit by Lab staff to facilitate meetings, give presentations, and collect information about the proposed project; and 3) a written report summarizing our findings and recommendations for next steps.