Sample BOOT CAMP Session

Colorado Creative Industries and The Creativity Lab of Colorado present:


LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Driving Performance & Results through Community Authenticity, Vision, and Goal-setting



Lecture version– 2.5 hours

Interactive version – 5-6 hours


·        Present a framework for productive collaboration for creatives, businessowners, and municipalities

·        Showcase a simple mechanism for self-assessment that plugs into a strategicplanning efforts

·        Highlight a formula that maps current state to a desired future state through a visioning process

·        Share a field-tested framework to align stakeholders and help movecommunity transformation forward


This interactive session is for creative district leaders, advisors, and volunteers who wantpractical insights into 1) the fundamental importance of a shared vision, 2) a collaborative process to create an authentic community vision, and 3) the intrinsic power of a shared vision to motivate people and marshal community transformation. The session looks at communities through the lens of an adapted framework based on the fundamentals of Maslow’s Hierarchy and then applies well-researched management and leadership principles to help furthercrystallize a community’s vision for the future and its drive to reach its full potential (“self-actualization”).  The session offers creative district leaders, elected officials, and policymakers, a set of tactics to help provide clarity on its current vision and a framework that serves both as a touchstone for decision-making and a driver to showcase core priorities for future action.